Newsletter 2016-01-05

posted Apr 24, 2016, 3:17 PM by Troop Webmaster   [ updated Apr 24, 2016, 3:17 PM ]
2016 is here, Happy New Year to all,  where did 2015 go so quickly, seems like we were just planning for summer camp.
To the Scouts, It's the start of a new year and a good time to reaffirm your commitments to the goals you set for Scouting.  Take a look at where you stand in rank advancement, leadership and service and create or update your plan to forge ahead with renewed dedication.
To the Parents and Leaders, look to see what else you can be doing to make the Troop a success.  Let's talk.
We have a very active schedule for the next seven months and will need the support of all the troop family to make it possible.

We had originally scheduled our Fall Court of Honor for Thursday, Jan 14th.  The NEW DATE is January 21st.  This will give the Scouts more time to finish boards of Review.  
Jan 7th    Troop Meeting    SJB    7 PM
Jan 9th    Klondike Sled Work Day    SJB    9 AM to 1 PM
Jan 13th    District Round Table
Jan 14th  Troop Meeting    SJB    7 PM
Jan 15th thru 17th    Klondike Derby Campout
Jan 21st    Troop Meeting, Fall Court of Honor, SJB 7 PM
Jan 26th    District Meeting
Jan 28th    Troop Meeting, Order of the Arrow Election
Feb 4th      Troop Meeting    SJB 7 PM
Feb 6th      Scout Sunday Celebration 5 PM Mass SJB
Feb 7th      Scout Sunday Celebration Church Gym
Feb 10th    District Round Table
Feb 11th    Troop Meeting, SJB 7 PM 
Feb 12th thru 14th  BroadCreek Father/Son Camp-in
Feb 15th    Merit badge Day
Feb 18th    Troop Meeting, SJB 7 PM
Feb 25th    Troop Meeting, SJB 7 PM
Klondike Derby Permission Slip attached.
John Wnek
Scoutmaster Troop 1441