Menu Planning


1. Scouts will prepare a menu at the troop meeting the week before they go on the event.

Critical items to consider:

The number of people to be fed.

A budget of $3.50 per person per meal.

Use of the Menu planning form.

Properly balanced meals.

Sufficient calories for the activities.

Food storage and protection.

Non-food Items, paper towels, trash bags, matches, Ice.

Condiments, cooking oil,seasonings.

Cooking utensils, pots, pans, etc.

2. Senior Patrol Leader and Scoutmaster review menu.

3. Patrol Leader arranges for a shopping trip to purchase the food.

Two or three members of the patrol designated as shoppers.

Patrol stores food until trip.

4. Scouts prepare, cook and eat according to their menu.

If individual scouts have special dietary needs they may bring their own food from home. This should be taken into account during menu

planning. The budget should be adjusted accordingly.

If a scout wishes to bring additional snacks for himself, he may, but not to circumvent the menu.

5. Any leftover non-perishable food should be added to the Patrol's supply for the next campout. Perishable items should be distributed to the patrol to take home.

6. Parents should resist the urge to augment the food supply for fear that a scout will go hungry. This will not happen. The troop carries adequate supplies as backup to insure no one goes hungry.

7. Planning, purchasing, preparing and living with the menu you have prepared is part of the learning process for self reliance.

Disrupting the process just causes problems and waste.