Troop Newsletter 3/30/17

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  1. The  weather held well, Saturday was great, the whole group got involved in a compass challenge that proved you can never find north in the same place, teams of people just wandering from place to place.  Actually they did OK.  Two groups completed the challenge correctly.   

  2. Another challenge was to build a two rope bridge strong enough for scouts to cross.  It was a little hairy, but they made it.  Soup and sandwiches for lunch, always good.  A different team of scouts prepared and cooked each meal, all were great and the Dads took on Sunday Breakfast where they prepared every bit of food left in the lodge, a feast. 

  3. Saturday afternoon was the great adventure, the forced march to the infamous Serpentine Quarry.  There were some tricky parts as the trail along the creek is eroding in some places, but we made it through.  We had a serendipitous find when we go there, a large tree that had grown on a slag pile maybe 75 years ago had fallen and unearthed some pretty colorful stones that had lain beneath it for all those years.  A lot of stones leaving the quarry with the scouts did not make the trail any easier.  

  4. Sunday morning after Breakfast we held "A Scout is Reverent"  with Oliver and Nolawi leading the prayers.  Everyone packed up and cleaned up and we were out of the building by 10 AM.  

  5. I was the last to leave and stopped at the lake to do some fishing.  While casting my lure, which looked like a 2 inch fish, I heard a scream and a Bald Eagle swooped down to look at the lure, looked at me and sailed down the lake and into the river gorge.  No fish, but Wow!  

March 30th - Troop meeting.  Boards of Review.  Stone polishing instruction for the weekend's souvenirs.  Rank Advancement.  Scouts, please e-mail me with a list of the awards you expect to receive at the Court of Honor. 

April 1st - STOP HUNGER NOW at the Colesville Presbyterian Church from 7:30 AM until about Noon.  Class A event, school service hour credits. 

April 1st - 2 PM  Martin Luther King Pool - Swim Tests.
April 2nd - EAGLE COURT OF HONOR - Sam Backlund.  Colesville Presbyterian Church, New Hampshire Ave. Class A event.  everyone come!
April 4th  - TROOP LEADERSHIP COUNCIL MEETING - 7:30 PM Lyon Center.  Topics, Camporee, future outings, Yearly Planning Preparation.
April 6th - TROOP MEETING - WINTER COURT OF HONORFriends of Scouting solicitation, please come feeling generous, we would love to have 100% participation.  You don't have to give much, just give something, it all Helps.
April 8 and 9 - EAGLE PROJECT - Kevin Soderberg
When: April 8th and 9th, Time: 8:30 am
Where: 14601 Wexhall Terrace, Burtonsville, MD 20866. 

"Hello everyone, I'm Kevin Soderberg and I am doing my Eagle Project on April 8th and 9th. April 8 will be phase one of the project and April 9 will be the followup day, as needed. Please show up by 8:30 am on April 8 and we will begin work at 9 am. Food and drinks will be provided. I recommend bringing working gloves and clothes to complete the project. If you have a shovel, please bring it! The address is 14601 Wexhall Terrace, Burtonsville, MD 20866. Please notify me by April 1st  If you are able to come and assist. 


April 20 - TROOP MEETING - 7PM, Lyon Center

April 22 - TROOP MULCH SALE, 8 AM to 5 PM   Sign up now and go sell some Mulch.  Credit $ to High Adventure..!  

Here is the link to sign up for the annual Troop 1441 Mulch Sale.!/showSignUp/5080f4ea9af2ca02-troop 

In the past 10 days since this link has been active, there has been only two of us who have signed up and we have only received two pre-sale orders thus far.  We have sold 50 bags out of the 850 bags that will be on the truck.  Please click on the link below and sign up to help.  We need all of the troop to make this successful.

APRIL 28-30  WHITE OAK DISTRICT CAMPOREE,  Camp Bennett , Brookville MD.
We will be conducting the fire building event for the Camporee along with fielding patrols to compete. More to come..
John J Wnek
Scoutmaster Troop 1441

Newsletter 2017-03-07

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Nick Damiano's Eagle Project work session is scheduled for Saturday March 11th from 1 to 3 PM. He needs your assistance, contact him if you can help. 301-706-4186.
Life to Eagle Conference, Sunday March 12, 2017.
All Life Scouts, Leaders and parents are invited to attend.  Class A event.  Maryland Medstar Unit, Olney MD.  1 PM until 4 PM.  to register send e-mail to
Eagle Scout Oliver Wolcott will be recognized at a Court of Honor on March 18th in the Lyon Center from 2 to 4 PM.  All are invited to attend. 
The Troop is conducting its 37th annual Camp-in at the Broad Creek Scout Reservation, Prospect , Maryland.  There will Be scouting challenges for both Scouts and Dads.  Permission Slip Attached
Colesville Presbyterian Church is conducting a meal packing service project from 7:30 Am until noon on Saturday April 1.  we have assisted each year and will do so again this year.  It is a Class A event.  More to come.
EAGLE COURT OF HONOR - SAM BACKLUND, Sunday 4/2/2017, 3 PM, Colesville Presbyterian Church
Everyone is invited to come and help Sam celebrate his Eagle achievement.  Class A event.
Boards of review March 30th.
SUMMER CAMP, CAMP OLMSTED, GOSHEN SCOUT CAMPS registration is now open for the week of July 9 through the 15th.  Fee per Scout $360.  Send me an e-mail if you wish to go.
Seabase 2017 Airfare payments due.
Northern Tier 2018 $100 Deposit due.

Newsletter 2017-03-02

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March 2nd, the beginnings of Lent, preparations for Summer camps and high adventure, Life to Eagle Seminar March 12th,  working with the Eagle candidates to finish their projects,  recruiting new scouts, rank advancement, Court of Honor coming up April 4th, Camporee, troop elections in May, just a lot going on.
We will hold a short Troop Leadership meeting this evening to settle up some plans for the Broad Creek Camp-in on March 24-26
What's Happening?
District Round Table Meeting (2nd Tuesday every month), 3/8, 7:30 PM, Peoples Community Baptist Church, open to all registered Scouters, parents and interested parties. 
Troop Meeting 3/9, 7 PM, SJB
Eagle Project Work Session, Nick Damiano - 3/11, 1 to 3 PM, SJB
Life to Eagle Conference, Sunday March 12th, Montgomery Med-star Unit Olney,  1 to 4 PM. All Life Scouts, Leaders and interested parents should attend for the latest information on what is required to go from Life to Eagle ran
Troop meeting 3/16, 7 PM, SJB
Eagle Court of Honor - Oliver Wolcott,  2:30 - 4 PM Lyon Center, SJB
White Oak District Meeting3/21, 7:30 PM, Church of the Transfiguration, New Hampshire Ave.
Troop Meeting 3/23, 7 PM, SJB
Broad Creek Camp-in  3/24-26,  Broad Creek Scout Reservation, Prospect, MD.
Troop Meeting 3/307 PM, SJB,  Last Meeting for Boards of review for Court of Honor.
Stop Hunger Now Service Project4/1, 7:30 Am until 11 AM, Colesville Presbyterian Church, Class A. Service Hours
Eagle Court of Honor - Sam Backlund  Mark the date.
Troop Leadership Council Meeting Tuesday, 4/4, 7 PM Lyon Center,
Troop Meeting 4/6, 7 PM, SJB
White Oak District Roundtable 4/12, 7:30, Peoples Community Church
NO Troop Meeting Thursday 4/13.
Troop Meeting 4/20, 7 PM, SJB
Mulch Sale, 4/22, 8AM -5 PM, SJB parking Lot, Proceeds to support this year's  Adventure Program
White Oak District Meeting, Program Launch 4/24, 7 PM, Peoples Community Baptist Church
District Camporee 4/28-30, Camp Bennett, Georgia Ave, Rt 97, Brookeville, MD  
Four Scouts, Drew Mair, Sam Backlund, Johan Vandegriff and Oliver Wolcott achieved the Rank of Eagle Scout in 2016.  This year Ryan Keegan has already reached Eagle.  The following Scouts are currently working on their Eagle Projects and paperwork, Daniel Kassman, Jack Barnes, Kevin Soderberg, and Nicholas Damiano.

The troop wishes to recognize the Colesville Presbyterian Church

posted Jan 22, 2013, 1:06 PM by Troop Webmaster

Boy Scout Troop 1441

Sponsored by the
Colesville Presbyterian Church
November 15, 2012
The troop wishes to recognize the:
Colesville Presbyterian Church
Boy Scout Troop 1441 expresses its sincere gratitude for the extensive
support Colesville Presbyterian Church has provided as our sponsoring organization for
the past 27 years. We will never forget the close bond the troop and Church enjoyed for
over a quarter of a century.
During these last 27 years both the Church and the troop have benefited from this great
relationship. The troop is most appreciative of the support offered by its chartered
organization representatives who gave much attention to the troop needs. They also
suggested how the troop could help the Church with Eagle Scout projects to make
improvements to the church facility. It is with deep emotion that the troop is leaving the
Colesville Presbyterian Church and begins a new era with another church, because this
was so much more than just a sponsorship. We will always remember when the troop
had only a small number of scout members and our meeting place at the Cannon Road
Elementary School was becoming unaffordable. It was then the Church offered its
Fellowship Hall for our meeting location at no cost to the troop. This alone made our
troop viable during a most difficult time. Thank you so very much.
Benjamin L. Allen, Troop Committee Chair 
John J. Wnek, Troop Scoutmaster

Friends of Scouting - Please Donate

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The Friends of Scouting (FOS) campaign is conducted annually among the parents of Scouts, Scout volunteer leadership, employees of the Council, and the communities in which Scouting is located. Families and Scout volunteers are the first to see the benefit of Scouting for youth and local communities often benefit through Scout service projects.

Generous financial support from individuals, corporations and community partners is critical.  This support makes all the difference, ensuring the quality of our programs as well as making sure the Scouting program is available for any child or family who wants to be involved.

Please donate online at:

Troop 1441 Commended in Colesville

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Clarion - the Greater Colesville Citizens' Association newsletter - commended Troop 1441 for many years of voluntary service supporting Colesville's annual Strawberry Festival.

Troop 1441 receives official citation

posted Dec 3, 2011, 7:49 AM by Troop Webmaster   [ updated Dec 9, 2011, 8:02 AM ]

Troop 1441 has received an official citation from Delegate Sheila Hixson of Montgomery County, Maryland General Assembly Legislative District 20.
"The Maryland General Assembly - Official Citation - Be it hereby known to all that sincerest congratulations are offered to Boy Scout Troop 1441 in recognition of their enthusiasm and commitment to community service by preparing and distributing 780 backpacks to local needy families, in addition to their involvement with the Colesville Community Strawberry Festival ensuring a successful fundraising event.  Presented on this 1st day of November 2011 by Delegate Sheila E. Hixson of Montgomery County - Legislative District 20"

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