Our Sponsor

Our Sponsor: St John the Baptist Catholic Community
We gratefully acknowledge our sponsorship by St John the Baptist Catholic Community
12319 New Hampshire Ave, Silver Spring MD 20904

We gratefully acknowledge our previous sponsorship by Colesville Presbyterian Church
12800 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring MD 20904
Our Certificate of Appreciation to Colesville Presbyterian Church:
Boy Scout Troop 1441
Sponsored by the
Colesville Presbyterian Church
November 15, 2012
The troop wishes to recognize the:
Colesville Presbyterian Church
Boy Scout Troop 1441 expresses its sincere gratitude for the extensive
support Colesville Presbyterian Church has provided as our sponsoring organization for
the past 27 years. We will never forget the close bond the troop and Church enjoyed for
over a quarter of a century.
During these last 27 years both the Church and the troop have benefited from this great
relationship. The troop is most appreciative of the support offered by its chartered
organization representatives who gave much attention to the troop needs. They also
suggested how the troop could help the Church with Eagle Scout projects to make
improvements to the church facility. It is with deep emotion that the troop is leaving the
Colesville Presbyterian Church and begins a new era with another church, because this
was so much more than just a sponsorship. We will always remember when the troop
had only a small number of scout members and our meeting place at the Cannon Road
Elementary School was becoming unaffordable. It was then the Church offered its
Fellowship Hall for our meeting location at no cost to the troop. This alone made our
troop viable during a most difficult time. Thank you so very much.
Benjamin L. Allen, Troop Committee Chair 
John J. Wnek, Troop Scoutmaster