How much does Scouting cost? 

Troop 1441 typical dues fall in between $120 - $150 a year.  A good portion of this money goes to the overall scouting organization which provides training, security, and organization for scouting troop in the White Oak District and for Scouting across the world.  The other portion of these dues goes to troop activities and troop operations to keep the troop functioning.


First time scout costs? 

There is a $25 dollar registration fee for first time scouts.


How about scout uniforms and handbooks? 

Scouts are required to wear scouting uniforms and possess a scout handbook.  A scout handbook ranges between $20 - $30 dollars. A scout shirt is between $40 - $50 dollar.  Troop 1441 has a scout shirt library which are a way that some scouts can obtain a scout uniform.


Are campouts and event fees included? 

Campout fees are not included in the yearly dues.  There is usually a $10 fee for the campgrounds when we travel and scouts are usually budgeted to $3.50 dollars a meal.  There is usually a 2-night campout every month (Friday night to Sunday morning).  For a typical 2-night campout there are 4 meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, breakfast), so a scout will need to pay $24 dollars for a 2-night campout.