Newsletter 2016-05-19

Post date: Jun 07, 2016 8:31:42 PM

The Canoe trip on the Patuxent proved to be very exciting.  About 1/2 a mile from our destination we were hit by a fast moving squall which created some severe chop and high winds.  We made for the western shore and the scouts did a great job of controlling their canoes through the waves.  One canoe with a leader and scout did capsize,  both occupants were ok and were rescued by Mr Wolcott and Max M.  Though slightly wet Mr. Anderson and Jackson D.  were able to paddle their canoe to shore.  The wind remained high and the water choppy for the rest of the day so we all were driven to the campsite.  It was an enjoyable trip down the Patuxent River except that we did have the wind in our faces on the lower half of the trip.


Adult Planning meeting

The leaders and interested parents met on Tuesday evening to establish the Program and Schedule and review the prioritized list of activities the Scouts had created at their planning meeting last Thursday. 


The Troop Goals for the coming year were reviewed:

    Earn the Gold Level "Journey to Excellence Award"

        (A list of the requirements is attached.)

    Support The District functions and Activities

        (Camporee, Webelos Weekend, Klondike Derby, etc.)

    Add six new Scouts

    Add three new Leaders

    Participate in a regular Summer Camp Program  (Camp Olmsted, Goshen Scout Reservation)

    Participate in a High Adventure Program (TBD)

    Produce 5 Eagle Scouts

    Conduct an annual Fund Raiser


We did earn the Gold Journey to Excellence this year.


The Schedule is attached.


A number of the activities the Scouts selected can be accomplished at meetings and campouts, others will be scheduled as special events. The list selected as most appropriately supporting Scouting requirements and will be reviewed by the Scouts for further prioritization and implementation. 


The Rest of the Year

Summer Camp is fast approaching and the scouts need to make their selections for merit badges. The Schedule is part of the Olmsted program sent out on previous newsletters.  To register I will need a copy of their selections asap.


Philmont Trek

Mr Ingeholm will conduct three more training outings in preparation for the Trek

June 3-4-5

June 17-18-19

June 24-25-26


Summer Camp Olmsted

The Scouts need to make their merit badges selections for Camp Olmsted asap to insure they will get in the programs they want.  The schedule sheet is included in the Camp Olmsted program brochure sent out with previous e-mails.


Spring Court of Honor and Family Picnic, June 16th SJB