Newsletter 2016-09-01

Post date: Sep 01, 2016 6:17:44 PM

Here we are at the beginning of a new Scout year with all of its promise and potential.  This is an excellent time for each Scout to assess his current situation and make his Plans for the next six months and to the end of the Scout year,  Each Scout should take the time to review his rank and status, look at the requirements for his next step and set hard goals and dates to get there.  You cannot get anywhere without a plan and I would like each scout to create his personal plan and review it with me during the month of September in an interim Scoutmaster Conference.  Once you have the plan come see me and schedule a meeting.  Let's get off to a really good start this season.


Troop Youth Leadership

Its time to hold Elections fro SPL and ASPL for the troop and Patrol Leaders for the Patrols.  Current Patrol Leaders should spend the month of September organizing/reorganizing their patrols and coordinating with the other PL's. 

Troop Elections will be conducted at the Troop meeting on Thursday October 6th. 

The new officers will take effect at the end of the Summer Court of Honor on Thursday. October 13th.  Current officers may run again for their positions.

To apply as a candidate a Scout must notify the Scoutmaster by e-mail by September 23rd.

The candidate should prepare a short Talk to be give to the troop prior to the election the evening if the 6th.

In order to serve as the Senior Patrol Leader, you must be able to attend and lead the troop meetings and outings.  If you are involved in other outside activities, (sports teams, band, etc.) and have schedule conflicts with troop meetings and activities look for a different leadership position.  If you have any questions, please see me.


Troop Communications.

The Troop's Information/Communication policy is as follows

Troop Schedules will be distributed to all persons on the Troop E-mail list at the beginning of the year and periodically as revised.  A revised Schedule will carry the date of the revision and the Newsletter will contain the date of the most current schedule.


Troop Newsletter will consist of an e-mail published and distributed to the official troop mailing list, weekly.  It will also be placed on the Troop Web site.  Permission Slips for events, Schedule Changes and items of interest will be attached to the Newsletter and also placed on the Troop Web site.


Special E-Mails will also be used as the need arises.


Special interest Text Groups will be established as needed, (TLC, Instructors, etc,)


I would to strongly encourage all to check e-mail frequently and read those communications carefully.


Campout    We are currently trying to set up a campout in September at Cunningham Falls State Park

to allow scouts to meet a Camping Merit Badge requirement to Hike over a vertical distance of 1000 feet.

Stayed tuned for particulars.


Campout     University of Maryland Football game overnight on Campus.  Friday night 23rd and Saturday 24th.  Game against Rutgers.  An earlier request to determine interest was poorly responded to, please reply interest - yes or no.


Troop Meetings - September  1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th.