Newsletter 2015-01-06

Post date: Jan 07, 2015 2:19:3 AM

It still seems a little strange to be adding "15" to the dates, yet here we are already.

The first part of the scout year is past and there is a whole lot we still need to accomplish. 

We need to build a fire under the 5 scouts to finish their Eagle work in the next three months.

We have to recruit new scouts to replace and augment the troop numbers.

Scouts need to continue their advancement plans as they progress through the program.

We need to recruit new members.




Fall Court of Honor, Thursday, January 15th

The Troop will recognize the achievements of our scouts since October of last year.

Families and friends should attend to support their scouts.  This will also be a special meeting where our annual Friends of Scouting Fund Raiser will be presented.. Please bring your checkbooks and be generous so that we can continue the excellent program of scouting.  Donations of all sizes are gratefully accepted and it would be great if we had 100% participation. 


PER KLONDIKE WORK SESSION Saturday January 10th 9 AM to Noon??

Refurbish the sleds and gear in the Trailer. We will need everyone there.



KLONDIKE DERBY, Friday January 16th thru Sunday January 18th.

The Troop is participating in the event which brings together many of the troops from Montgomery County to compete against each other in Scouting skills events.  This will be Cold Weather camping and the proper equipment will be necessary, especially Boots.  We will be reviewing what to bring at the next two meetings.

Permission Slip attached.


PACK 499 WEBELOS Visit, Troop Meeting January 23rd.

Webelos from the pack will be visiting to complete some of their Arrow of Light requirements and to see if they would like to join us.


OA ELECTION  Troop meeting January 29th

An Election team from our local chapter will be on site to conduct our annual election.

The Order of the Arrow is BSA's Honor Society made up of Scouts and leaders who have been elected by their peers for their dedication to the principles of scouting.

To be elected to the OA a candidate must be First Class, had accumulated 15 nights of Camping and be approved by the Scoutmaster.


On a side note, Aaron Kassman, Eagle Scout, Troop Member and OA White Oak Chapter Chief was recognized for attaining his VIGIL recognition at The Annual OA Lodge Banquet this past Saturday.  This is the highest recognition presented to OA Members.  Congratulations Aaron!   The banquet was for all Arrowmen in the Washington area, ( there were 490 in attendance) and Aaron was in charge of  the banquet.  


SCOUT SUNDAY  Saturday February 7th  5 PM Mass SJB

Troop will be celebrating Scout Sunday at Saint John the Baptist at the 5 PM service Saturday.  All members of the troop are invited to participate.

            "A SCOUT IS REVERENT"


BROADCREEK FATHER AND SON CAMP-IN February 13th thru Feb 15th.

The troop will be conducting its 35th annual Father and Son camp-in at the Broad Creek Scout reservation in Northern Maryland.  We have reserved two cabins each holding 18 people.  Cabins are equipped with refrigeration, wood stoves and water.  Sleeping will be on army cots.  The scouts and dads will participate in scouting skill challenges.  Hopefully there will be snow for sledding and boarding.

To sign up go to:


If you are a leader and bringing your son, sign up individually as father and scout.

If you are a scout coming without your Father sign up as a scout.

If you are a leader not bringing you son sign up as leader.