Newsletter 2014-12-29

Post date: Jan 05, 2015 3:20:18 PM

“Happy New Year”, best wishes for the coming year.

The start of a new year gives us the chance to both look back on our accomplishments and forward with our plans for the future.


Planning is one of the more difficult skills scouts have to learn and the troop works hard to teach some of the basics.  We start small, with the lower ranks, asking each scout to create a plan for the next three months when he has a Scoutmaster Conference.  The boys are asked to set goals for Scouting, school and self for the short term.  Follow-ups are conducted periodically and at the next Scoutmaster conference.

The next level takes them into group planning with the Troop leadership Council where each scout holding a leadership position sits with the Senior Patrol leader to plan and conduct outings events and meetings.  All scouts do get to participate at this level as they must hold a leadership position to advance in rank.


Each scout should look at what he wants to accomplish over the next six months, create a written plan and try to follow that plan. Parents can help by encouraging their scout in this activity.

Since we are talking about planning let’s segue to the Troop’s plans.


The Order of the Arrow is holding its annual Banquet at the Samuel Riggs Alumni Center at the University of Maryland on January 3rd  at 10 AM.  We will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Order of the Arrow.  All Arrowmen are encouraged to attend.


January is a very busy month in the Troop, our first troop meeting is on January 8 at 7 PM.  The meeting will be used to assist scouts finishing up rank advancement for the upcoming Court of Honor 1/15.  Committee members will be needed for Boards of Review.  Preparations will also be made for the upcoming Klondike Derby.


Troop meeting, January 15th

The Troop will hold its Fall Court of Honor to recognize our scouts achievements.  We will also be holding our annual Friends of Scouting fundraiser.  Parents will be asked to assist with the support of Scouting by making or pledging a donation.  We would like to have 100% participation, so bring your pens and checkbooks.


Klondike Derby Jan 16, 17. 18

The Troop will be participating in the Montgomery Service Area Klondike at Little Bennett Regional Park off of Rt 270 at Clarksburg.

The Scouts will be competing by Patrol in Scouting Skills and Challenges against Patrols from other troops throughout the county.

Preparation work will include menu planning, repair and refurbishing of the Dog Sleds, Trailer cleanup and cold weather camping training.

The fee will include $10 for the site, $5 for the person and $12 for the meals for a total of $27 per individual.


Troop Meeting 1/22

Program for the meeting will include a Roses and Thorns session from the Klondike and a visit by the Webelos from Pack 499.


Pack 499 Meeting 1/23

The regular monthly pack meeting, Den Chiefs, Plan to attend.


Troop Meeting 1/29

The troop will hold its annual Order of the Arrow election along with standard meeting events.  In order to be elected (by your peers), you must be First Class, have completed 15 nights of camping and have you Scoutmaster’s approval.


A copy of the revised Troop Schedule is attached.