Newsletter 2016-10-26

Post date: Nov 14, 2016 1:28:26 AM

TRAILER CLEANUP- Three scouts and two leaders showed up to assist with the trailer cleanup this past Saturday.  We were able to accomplish a lot even with the small work force.  The trailer is ready for Webelos Weekend.  Just a reminder, the event was a Troop event and counts as attendance for advancement.


THIS WEEK'S MEETING  - The meeting this week will be very busy with final preparations for Webelos Weekend.  Signs need to be made, roles identified and staffed and set up plans reviewed.


WEBELOS WEEKEND -  Webelos Weekend begins at 6 PM on Friday evening and ends Sunday morning at 10 AM.  Scouts are expected to arrive at the campsite between 6 and 8 PM to assist with setup of both the camping area and contest site.  Parents should plan to pick up their scouts at ten Sunday morning.  Meals will be by Patrol.  We will be providing a special spaghetti dinner for Pack 499 on Saturday.  Scouts will spend the day teaching firebuilding and running the firebuilding contest.  Class A event.


SCOUTING FOR FOOD. Scouting for Food bags were distributed at the last meeting, (hope you remember where you put them) Please deliver them to your neighbors on Saturday Nov 5th with instructions that you will pick them up Friday Nov. 11th Bring the bags to SJB Saturday AM.


Service Project - Greater Colesville Civic Association Mini Park Cleanup and mulching.

The Troop assists the GCCA with the Spring and Fall maintenance of their street corner parks.

Saturday Nov 12th 9 AM. Meet at Notley and New Hampshire.

November Campout pending Nov 12/13th  OR 19/20. TBD.

SJB ECO Ministry - New Hampshire Avenue Service Project  Saturday Nov 5th 9:15 AM

 The Troop will again be assisting the Church ECO Ministry  with the picking up of trash on New Hampshire Avenue From Venice Drive to the Library.  Class A event.  Scheduled Troop Activity.


SEABASE  August 3rd to 12th

All slots are full, 12 scouts and 4 leaders making up two Crews.

Due to the limited number of slots some scouts who might wish to go on a High Adventure Program don't have the opportunity.  I propose that we reconsider a Trip to the National Capital Council's Camp Wall in the Virgin Islands as an alternative. All age scouts are eligible to go.  If you are interested send me an e-mail.


Troop Attendance. Remember, if you not participating, you're not advancing. 


Not too Early to Start thinking about Northern Tier in 2018.

Send me an e-mail if interested.


Troop Leadership Council Meetings

Nov 1, 7 to 9 PM SJB

Nov 29 7 to 9 PM SJB