Newsletter 2014-01-21

Post date: Jan 22, 2014 2:17:48 AM

This past weekend at the Klondike we had a little pre-taste of this weather with about 1 inch of snow falling late Friday night.  It did nothing more that set the mood for the weekends events.  The scouts had a good time for the most part except for the cold fingers and frozen water that limited cleanups and Sunday's breakfast .  Everyone earned their Polar bear recognition this past weekend.  Campfire stories kept them warm but shivering in their beds on Saturday night.


Leaders' meeting

Had to postpone the meeting, will try again for Next Tuesday.  This meeting is for  all Adults, ASMs', Members of the committee who like to participate in the operation of the troop.  Stay tuned in , I will keep you posted.


Scout Sunday

If a Scout hasn't already he can still participate in the ceremonies of Scout Sunday 

by using this site.

A Scout is Reverent.


Broad Creek Father/Son Camp-In Feb 7-8-9.

The permission slip is attached.  All scouts are eligible to attend even if their Dads can't make it.  The Permission slip is attached.  Remember adults must have the Scout YPT training and the Church's Virtus training to participate.


Merit Badge Day Feb 17th

The troop is sponsoring the District Merit Badge Day and needs a few counselors to fill out the program.  If you are willing to assist by counseling a Badge Please contact me.



John J. Wnek

Scoutmaster Troop 1441 BSA