Newsletter 2016-05-03

Post date: Jun 07, 2016 8:30:31 PM

The Troop is in the middle if our most active season and we are making some adjustments to the schedule and activities to insure that everything flows together.

Semi-annual Troop Elections were scheduled for this coming meeting are now postponed until September to allow the current leaders to assimilate the influx of new scouts, continue honing their leadership skills, preparing for the Planning Meeting next week (May 12th) and the Canoe Trip in two weeks (May 14-15).  


The Scout Planning Meeting (May 12th) will require the Patrol Leaders to work with their patrols developing a list of events and activities in which they would like to participate next year.  These lists will be discussed and prioritized at the May 12th Meeting.  The prioritized lists will be reviewed by the Troop Leadership at a special planning meeting on Tuesday May 17th at 7 PM SJB.  Registered Troop leaders and Parents are invited to attend.


The Canoe Trip (May 14-15) will take place on the Patuxent River from Queen Anne Crossing to Jug Bay, (approximately a five hour trip).  All participants in the Canoes must have completed the BSA Swimmer Test,  Those wishing to camp overnight will be transported to the Campsite on Saturday and return with the rest of the troop on Sunday.  Parents will be needed to drive to and from the event.

Permission Slip attached.  Extra items to bring, Sunscreen, bug repellent. Brimmed hat, sunglasses, and water shoes.  Most of the gear will be transported by vehicle to the campsite, daypacks will go with the canoes.  If you wear glasses, bring a strip to hold them on.


The Annual District Awards Dinner is set for Tuesday Evening May 24th at 6 PM at the Colesville United Methodist Church on Randolph Road.  Each year Leaders from Troop 1441 are recognized for their contributions to the success of the troop with the "Outstanding Unit Scout Award", at the event.  Cost is $35 per person.  Register on line at the district web site at  White Oak District.




TROOP MEETINGS 5/5, 5/12,  5/19, 5/26.