Newsletter 2017-02-01

Post date: Mar 12, 2017 6:37:50 PM

The BSA has announced a membership policy change which would permit girls of Cub Scout and Boy Scout age to become members if they gender identify as boys.  I have attached the National Capitol Area Council position statement for your information.  Included in the document are a number of links to additional information on the subject.


Klondike Derby Jan 24-26.

The event was a success in many areas, the scouts participated in the events as a patrol, the older scouts assisted with the operation of one of the challenge sites, the temperature did drop below 32 degrees, and there was good food to be had.


The Permission Slip is the parent's way of authorizing myself and the Assistant Scoutmasters to supervise and look after your sons.  It is a very important document, and along with a current health form, that needs to accompany the scout on every outing.  Scouts with out permission slips will not be allowed to attend or participate in the event until they provide the document.

Each year the Scout must have an annual physical and turn in the appropriate Scout health form.  See for the currnt form.


Scout Sunday and Birthday Celebrated 2/4 and 2/5.

While SJB is a Catholic Church and we celebrate Scout Sunday there, any and all scouts may attend and/or participate in the celebration.  It is important to have all the scouts in attendance to show that scouting is alive and well in the community.  It also serves as demonstration of the twelfth Scout Law, "A Scout is Reverent" .

Sign up now to participate at:

Scout Sunday Boy Scout, Cub Scout and Girl Scout Sign-up Feb 4-5, 2017


Ski Trip Mar 3-5.

If you haven't paid, now is the time to do so.


MULCH Sale  Organizational meeting 6:45 PM Thursday 2/2.  Lyon Center

The Troop Committee and Parents will be meeting to discuss the Mulch Sale, all are invited.


Broad Creek Campin  March 24-26.

We will be conducting our 37th annual Father/son Camp in  at the Hauck Lodge at Broad Creek Scout Reservation.

All Scouts are eligible to attend, Dads can attend it they have taken the Virtus training from the Church and hold a current certificate for Youth Protection Training from BSA.   An Adult brother or uncle may substitute if the have the previously mentioned trainings.  Any questions give me a call.  Permission Slip attached.